Reading the World Book Group


Reading the World Book Group: The March book selection seems light weight on first glance…but it’s a great story about friendship, grief, and committing oneself to a worthy cause. The Last Chance Library by Freya Sampson is a tale of a librarian in an English village and her efforts to save her small and threatened library – in company with an eclectic group of library patrons and villagers.  Fun, inspiring, a victory pulled from loss! The book will be the topic of conversation at the next group meeting, March 13th at 3 PM. Talk to Fr Bruce or Cathy Gray for details on how to join the conversation. 

The book for April is a novel by a Cuban writer, Daina Chaviano. The Island of Eternal Love is a story about the power of stories and how what has come before can become a part of who people are. Details of the meeting date will be available soon.