Reading the World Book Club: For the next meeting, readers will dive in to the book Maud Martha, the only novel written by Pulitzer Prize winning poet, Gwendolyn Brooks. Maud Martha is the story of a young Black woman growing up on Chicago’s South Side. The story is about life, death, and relationships – those things all people have in common. The story of Maud Martha has been labeled as common, ordinary, and mundane – and so it is – but her life is carried along in a specific and pivotal point in time, place, and culture that few have experienced, so reading this story will feel anything but “ordinary”!

The book is not easy to find. Amazon has it for $13. AbeBooks online has it for $4,500.00 There are a few options between those extremes, and a regular participant in Reading the World might have some hints about finding it; there may be copies available to borrow. The next meeting of Reading the World is scheduled for Wednesday, June 12th at 3 PM. Please contact Father Bruce for how to join. All are welcome!