Newsletter: May 30, 2021

Holy Family newsletter: May 30, 2021

Pentecost 2021

On Saturday, May 22nd, Holy Family held its annual Pentecost outdoor worship service and parish picnic. Households brought their own food and drinks for the picnic event in order to comply with COVID-19 safety protocols. Children enjoyed watching the Holy Spirit catch their red streamers in the wind and shared personal portions of “Happy Birthday to the Church” birthday cake with all who attended. For more information about worship at Holy Family, please contact The Reverend Bruce Gray at

For more Pentecost photos, please click HERE.


Newsletter: May 22 & 23, 2021

Holy Family newsletter:  May 22 & 23, 2021

Celebrating 2021 High School Graduates

On Sunday, May 16th, Holy Family celebrated its 2021 high school graduates. The seniors were presented with bibles as well as prayer shawls made by members of Holy Family’s Prayer Shawl Ministry. Both items were blessed by Father Bruce during the 10 AM service. Pictured above with Father Bruce are Hannah Tannas, Mikaila Blake, and Zach Clar. Aaron Lackner was not able to attend the presentation. Father Bruce also blessed all teachers during the service which was also the last day of Sunday school for the spring term. For more information about teens and Youth Ministry at Holy Family, please contact Director Ruth Everett.

Newsletter: May 16, 2021

Holy Family newsletter: May 16, 2021

Earth Day Holy Hike 2021

On Sunday, April 25th, Children’s Ministry and Youth Group households enjoyed a Holy Hike at Flat Fork Creek Park in Fishers led by Deacon Cathy Scott. The focus of the walk was thanking God for all creation in honor of Earth Day. Participants enjoyed the various trails, walkways, and treehouses at the park and stopped at various points to pray together. Prior to the walk, several families joined together at the picnic shelter to enjoy lunches that they brought for themselves. For more information about Holy Family’s Children’s Ministry and Youth Group activities, please contact the Directors.
Jolene Johnston, Children’s Ministry
Ruth Everett, Youth Group

View photos from the Earth Day Holy Hike 2021 HERE.

Gospel at Hogwarts 2020

Following many postponements and cancellations of events due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Holy Family was finally able to host its Gospel at Hogwarts 2020 event in April 2021. Students attended an outdoor, in-person event at Holy Family to visit Diagon Alley to “shop” for school supplies. They walked through shops such as The Leaky Cauldron,  Potages Cauldrons, Madame Malkin’s, Ollivanders, Flourish and Blotts, and Honeydukes then visited with Hagrid around a campfire. On the following evening, students entered the Zoom of Requirement for an evening of scripture and magical stories followed by more conversation with the Professors. Plans are already underway for the next event in November 2021. For more information about this free community event, please contact Children’s Ministry Director Jolene Johnston.

View Gospel at Hogwarts 2020 photos HERE.

Newsletter: May 9, 2021

Holy Family newsletter: May 9, 2021

Newsletter: May 2, 2021

Holy Family newsletter: May 2, 2021

Newsletter: April 25, 2021

Holy Family newsletter: April 25, 2021