Holy Hike with DOK

On Saturday, September 26th, members of the Hannah Chapter of Daughters of the King at Holy Family enjoyed a Holy Hike at Fort Harrison State Park led by the chapter’s chaplain, The Reverend Cathy Scott. Participants read prayers along the hour-long hike and finished with a socially-distanced picnic and fellowship time. For more information about holy hikes, contact Deacon Cathy. cscott@hfec.org

Additional photos from the hike
can be found HERE.


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Christian Formation Fall Kickoff

On Sunday, September 13th, all ages of Sunday school/Christian formation classes met online via Zoom to begin the fall semester. For more information regarding upcoming virtual meetings and in-person gatherings, please contact Jolene Johnston at jjohnston@hfec.org or see the Holy Family newsletter.

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New Daughters of the King

Welcome, New Daughters of the King
Early this spring, four women embarked on a journey like no other. Through a national study with time for prayer and reflection, these women prepared themselves, during a pandemic, for membership into The Order of the Daughters of the King. This process was also unique as they met online through Zoom to learn, grow, and pray together. Deacon Cathy Scott led the study with the help of the current chapter officers. On Thursday evening, Monique Anderson, The Reverend Cathy Gray, Katie Hamon, and Katie Swec (pictured above) took a vow and joined the Hannah Chapter at Holy Family.
From left to right: The Reverend Cathy Scott (Holy Family Deacon and Hannah Chapter Chaplain), Katie Hamon, Ruth Everett (chapter Vice President), The Reverend Cathy Gray, Monique Anderson, Kristine Canter (chapter President), and Katie Swec.
Welcome, ladies!!


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