Newsletter: November 16, 2017

Holy Family newsletter: November 16,2017

Gospel at Hogwarts

The four Houses of Hogwarts, accompanied by their House Prefects and Professors, participated in a search for Gospel passages hidden within Hogwarts. Once the Gospel passages were discovered by each House, House members acted out the passage, in front of all the Houses, in the Great Hall and discussed how that passage was similar to a clip from a Harry Potter movie. House members learned about the compassion and generosity of Jesus and made connections to their own lives. All, from the youngest to the oldest, discovered their call to discipleship is both a covenant with God and an adventure that is never-ending. 

View photos from our special Children and Youth Ministry
Gospel at Hogwarts by clicking HERE.

Contact Children’s MInistry Director Jolene Johnston for more information.

DOK Officer Installation

On Sunday, November 12th, the Hannah Chapter of the Order of the Daughters of the King at Holy Family blessed and installed its newest officers. For more information about Daughters of the King, please contact our church office.
2017-2018 officers from left to right: Kris Brown (Secretary), Kristine Canter (President), Ruth Everett (Treasurer), Bethany Paden (President-Elect.)

Newsletter: November 9, 2017

Holy Family newsletter: November 9, 2017

Newsletter: November 2, 2017

Holy Family newsletter: November 2, 2017

Newsletter: October 26, 2017

Holy Family newsletter: October 26, 2017

Youth Group Teambuilding: Spider Web

Fourteen members of Holy Family’s Youth Group gathered on Sunday, October 22nd for a chili dinner followed by team building activities and worship.  The chosen activity was “Spider Web” and is part of Mobile Team Challenge low ropes course which was purchased with YMGI grant funds, matched by HFEC YG fundraising and the Diocese of Indianapolis. With Halloween just a week away, the theme had the perfect seasonal nod. 
In the activity, participants must traverse a “toxic spider web” without knocking it down.  Team members must strategize and plan to develop the best approach for completing the task.  The exercise requires support for all team members and physical effort and leadership from each person.  Communication and trust are essential for successful completion. The youth made connections from this activity to their own faith journeys.
Following the activity, the attendees participated in Compline led by Thomas Canter and music worship led by Ian Johnston.  Youth group members closed out the evening by making s’mores on a charcoal grill.  The activities were led by Marty Blake and Jolene Johnston. For more information about Holy Family’s Youth Group, please contact Youth Director Marty Blake.

Newsletter: October 19, 2017

Holy Family newsletter: October 19, 2017

Youth Group Fall Campout

Eight members of Holy Family’s Youth Group and four adult chaperones went on an overnight camping expedition to McCormick’s Creek State Park. Youth enjoyed hiking in McCormick’s Creek canyon and waterfall area and the Wolf Cave nature preserve.  The youth also spent some time participating in team building activities.  Additionally, the youth cooked two meals over a fire.  The participants also shared Compline by campfire and held Morning prayer by the fire as well. More information about Holy Family’s Youth Group can be obtained by contacting Youth Director Marty Blake.

CLICK HERE to view more photos from the Youth Group campout.

Flowers for Friends

Members of Holy Family’s Youth Group recently visited the Hamilton Trace Assisted Living facility in Fishers. Students met with residents and delivered flowers to those who wanted them. (To maintain the privacy of residents, we only post photos of our youth.)
This trip was inspired by an impromptu visit to an assisted living facility while on their 2017 summer mission trip in TN. For more information about Holy Family’s Youth Group or outreach programs, please contact Youth Director Marty Blake.