Mission Trip Team 2015

Holy Family Mission Trip Team 2015 – Philadelphia, PA
This year’s Mission Trip Team gathered this morning at sunrise to load up vans to travel to Philadelphia, PA for a week of service. Deacon Cathy Scott prayed with the team and family members.
We pray to you, Lord, who made Your home with the outcast and the poor. Help us be Your hands and feet as we seek to serve in Your name. Give us the wisdom to understand the needs and stories of others. Help us always realize that our Holy Family extends beyond our walls and, sometimes, beyond our own comfort level. Open our hearts to love, our arms to embrace, and our eyes to see the Kingdom of God in our midst. Amen.

Outdoor Chapel: Taizé

On Saturday, July 11, we used our new outdoor chapel for the first time for a Taizé service. It was a beautiful evening, finally free from rain.
Music was provided by two members of our youth group.
Cross 1
During the service, congregation members were given a chance to spend time with the cross while we sang songs.
Cross 2
Cross 3

Thanks, Father Bruce!

Bruce Boss
Special thanks to the Reverend Bruce Boss for sharing his time and talents with us during the first half of Father Mike’s sabbatical.
Bruce Bryan
Senior Warden Bryan Luce extended his gratitude on behalf of the congregation.
Bruce cake
We enjoyed a special hospitality hosted by our vestry following the 10 AM service.

City of God: First Fruits Blessing

First Fruits talk

On Sunday, June 28th, Deacon Cathy Scott and Charles Forman spoke with congregation members about the biblical tradition of first fruits offerings in relation to our City of God campaign.
First Fruits Blessing
The Reverend Bruce Boss blessed the ingathering of contributions as well as pledge planning cards at both of our Sunday morning services. More details about our City of God capital campaign can be found HERE.

2015 Mission Trip: Gathering

On Saturday June 20, several members of the Holy Family mission trip team met to prepare for their upcoming mission to Philadelphia in July.  The afternoon meeting included fellowship time and discussion about some of the systemic issues of racism and economic oppression as they pertain to those the team will be serving in Philadelphia.
Safety presentation
The second portion of the gathering focused on safety awareness and self defense techniques. Recommended Fourth Dan Black Belt Deanna Dicken from North Indy Taekwondo shared a discussion about general safety principles and ways to avoid danger. It included suggestions on how to escape a variety of dangerous situations.
Defense demo
Mrs. Dicken modeled several physical attacks and simple ways to escape.
Defense practice 2
 Students, adult mentors, and parents were encouraged to practice the escape techniques.
Defense practice   Picnic
As is often the case at Holy Family, we ended the evening with a pitch-in picnic meal. Thank you to all who made the afternoon possible. We are almost ready to go and serve at the Episcopal Mission Center! Our next Mission Trip gathering is planned for July.  jjohnston@hfec.org

Godspeed, Father Mike!

Following our City of God outdoor Eucharist, we turned the focus of our picnic to sending Father Mike off on his adventure in style. We set up a Bon Voyage table with decorations that nod in the direction of his sabbatical trip to the British Isles.
Table note
Congregation members wrote well wishes on small tags that were dropped into a suitcase on the table display. At the end of the evening the tags were bound into a booklet to send with Father Mike on his journey.
During the picnic we enjoyed catered barbecue with all the fixings and sweet treats made by congregation members. We also enjoyed some karaoke and discovered hidden talents within the congregation. Later in the evening, members of our youth group presented Father Mike with a suitcase of small items that might be helpful on his trip including snacks, puzzle books, a sleep mask and neck pillow, hand sanitizer, and Airborne cold medication.
At the end of the evening, Deacon Cathy read the Traveler’s Prayer for Father Mike from the Book of Common Prayer. She then invited the congregation members to hold up their hands to bless the entire Galvin family who will travel with Father Mike for at least part of his sabbatical. She read The Irish Blessing. Godspeed, Father Mike!