Helping the Homeless

During Sunday school on April 29th, students in preschool through high school helped to pack supply bags for the homeless. They talked at length about the challenges faced by the homeless and how specific items in the bags can be comfort items or even save lives.
Youth Group member Mikaila Blake and her friend Lauren Crimm organized the outreach project. They also consulted Holy Family’s deacon, The Reverend Cathy Scott, for suggestions about distributing the bags. Deacon Cathy also helped secure additional donations of items from St. Christopher’s Episcopal Church in Carmel. Mikaila had the following to contribute:
“We decided to start a project to help the homeless in Downtown Indianapolis. We have always desired to make a difference no matter how big or small. A few months ago we started a Go Fund Me campaign so we could buy items that people like you and I take for granted. We raised around $350. With that money we bought dried fruit, water, drawstring bags, snacks, socks, deodorant, and dry shampoo. We also received items from our schools, CRU (Campus Crusade for Christ), family members, and St. Christopher’s Youth Group in Carmel. We appreciate all of the help and are very blessed to be able to do this for others!”
The bags were blessed by The Reverend Bob Dekker who celebrated Eucharist at Holy Family this week. For more information about ways to help the homeless, please contact our Deacon, the Reverend Cathy Scott.