YMGI Grant Proposal Submitted

Grant signing

During the summer of 2016, Holy Family Episcopal Church will pilot the week-long Mission: United in Faith event for youth. This mission trip is part of the larger Episcopal Youth Exchange Program. The goals for this program are to provide experiences that will positively impact faith formation and develop the Episcopal identity of our youth.

The mission group will participate in team-building activities, worship services, urban and rural community outreach efforts, nature conservation activities, and educational experiences. We hope that this impact will lead to continued active church participation and a life guided by Christian values. We believe that the proposed programming will have a lasting impact not only on the youth, but also the entire congregation of Holy Family.

The Episcopal Youth Exchange Program is made possible by a Youth Ministry Grant Initiative from the Center for Congregations. The program was developed and directed by Holy Family member Rachelle Galvin. Signing the grant proposal, shown above, are Holy Family’s rector, The Reverend Michael Galvin and Senior Warden, Benjamin Paden.