wine and bread

All Christians who participate in Communion in their faith traditions are welcome to receive Communion (Eucharist). At Holy Family we provide bread baked by congregation members as well as real wine. A gluten-free alternative is available. You are welcome to come forward for a blessing at Communion time if you would prefer that instead. Simply indicate this by crossing your arms across your chest.

For most Episcopalians the celebration of Holy Eucharist is “the principal act of Christian worship on the Lord’s Day.” (Book of Common Prayer, p. 13) This service of both Word and Sacrament is intended to be a comprehensive service of Sunday worship.

The Holy Eucharist, the Prayer Book says, “is the sacrament commanded by Christ for the continual remembrance of his life, death, and resurrection, until his coming again.” It is also the entire service in which we hear the word of God proclaimed in the Gospel, in the other readings from Scripture, and in the sermon. Each week we read from the Old Testament, the Epistles, and the Gospels. We recite or sing a psalm, and listen to a sermon. Then we pray for the Church and the world, and ask God’s forgiveness for our sins. Finally, we greet one another in the peace of Christ and move to the sacramental service of the Holy Communion.

Rite II is one of two main options offered in the Book of Common Prayer for the celebration of Holy Eucharist. In both language and tone, Rite II is the more contemporary celebration.