News from The Rev. Patrick Burke

It is with great excitement that Holy Family shares news from a long-time church member who was recently ordained to the Sacred Order of Priests. On February 24, The Rev. Patrick Burke will be joining the staff of St. Paul’s, Indianapolis! Fr. Patrick will be the Parish Missioner for St. Paul’s where he will be focused on engaging the Broad Ripple neighborhood in sharing the message of the Gospel in new and innovative ways. Please hold Fr. Patrick and his family in your prayers as he begins his new ministry. More information can be found HERE.

Newsletter: January 20, 2019

Holy Family newsletter: January 20, 2019

Celebrating The Reverend Patrick Burke

On Sunday, January 13th, Holy Family welcomed The Reverend Patrick Burke to celebrate both worship services and preach the homily. Patrick served as Youth Director at Holy Family for many years and was recently ordained a priest in the Episcopal Diocese of Indianapolis. During the worship service, Patrick blessed the water in Holy Family’s Baptismal font and sprinkled those in attendance with holy water. Following the 10 AM service, Patrick and his family were honored at a reception held in their honor.

View more photos from Father Patrick’s celebration HERE.

Epiphany Party 2019

On Saturday, January 5th, Holy Family held its first Epiphany party for members of the congregation. Due to conflicting events, the annual Christmas party needed to be rescheduled to a later time. Guests shared food and fellowship throughout the evening. For more information about fellowship gatherings at Holy Family, please contact Parish Administrator Cheryl Burke in the church office.

View more Epiphany party photos HERE.

Newsletter: January 13, 2019

Holy Family newsletter: January 13, 2019

Newsletter: January 6, 2019

Holy Family newsletter: January 6, 2019

Newsletter: December 30, 2018

Holy Family newsletter: December 30, 2018

Child of God – Lifted in Prayer

Students from HFEC Sunday school classes in grades 2-12 gathered this past week to work together and construct a supportive model of the child of God. The “child of God” was a clear glass full of Christmas candy.  Other materials included three clear glasses labeled as faith, community, and love. There were also three butter knives each labeled as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  The students were challenged to have all materials touching to elevate and support the child of God with the widest footprint possible which represented community outreach.  The group worked through several variations before suspending the child of God glass successfully by the knives on top of a marble table top. Following the activity, the students enjoyed a candy treat and discussed the connections from this challenge to their own lives. For more information about teambuilding activities at Holy Family, please contact Youth Director Marty Blake.

Christmas 2018

Holy Family celebrated the birth of our Lord with three worship services – 5 PM Children’s Service and 11 PM Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve. On Christmas morning, the unique “Pajama Eucharist” was held at 10 PM when participants are encouraged to “come as they are,” even if that means in pajamas and robes. For more information about worship at Holy Family, please contact the church office.

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Greening the Church 2018

On Sunday, December 23rd, Holy Family held its annual Greening the Church event. Members of the church decorated the sanctuary with Christmas trees, garlands, and other decorations and made preparations for three Christmas worship services. Following the decorating, congregation members enjoyed a spaghetti dinner prepared by members of the Brotherhood of St. Andrew.