Flower Sale Orders

Orders are now open for spring flower sales. This sale helps the church cover its annual operating expenses. Orders are due by March 11th. Please CLICK HERE to print a form. You may make a payment for your flower order by clicking HERE and choosing Spring Flower Sale in the drop-down menu.

Ash Wednesday 2018

Holy Family offered the Imposition of Ashes at 8 AM and 7 PM to mark the beginning of the penitential season of Lent. This is the first of the forty days of Lent, named for the custom of placing blessed ashes on the foreheads of worshipers at Ash Wednesday services. The ashes are a sign of penitence and a reminder of mortality, and may be imposed with the sign of the cross. Ash Wednesday is observed as a fast in the church year of the Episcopal Church. For more information about Lent at Holy Family, please contact Holy Family’s Deacon, the Reverend Cathy Scott. cscott@hfec.org

Holy Family Blood Drive

On February 14th, Holy Family hosted its first blood drive in the parish hall with the Indiana Blood Center. Special thanks are extended to all those who signed up to donate. For more information about Holy Family, please contact our church office admin@hfec.org

Newsletter: February 15, 2018

Holy Family newsletter: February 15, 2018

Shrove Tuesday 2018

On Tuesday, February 13th, Holy Family celebrated Shrove Tuesday with a variety of activities. First, we enjoyed our final hurrah of sweets and treats with a pancake supper hosted by our Youth Group.
We burned the palms used on Palm Sunday last year in order to make the ashes for our Ash Wednesday services.
Finally, we gathered to have the children help Deacon Cathy “bury the Alleluia” until Easter Vigil. For more information about our Easter week services, please click HERE.

Coffeehouse Talent Show 2018

This year the Youth Group hosted its second annual Coffeehouse Talent Show fundraiser on February 10th. Youth Group students, parents, and adult leaders volunteered to share their talents with the community. This year we had acts that included singing, playing instruments, dancing, and comedy. Guests enjoyed coffee drinks and other beverages as well as desserts baked by congregation members. For more information about Youth Group activities, please contact Youth Director Marty Blake at mblake@hfec.org.





Flowers, Friends, and Fun

Members of Holy Family’s Mary & Martha Chapter of Junior Daughters of the King led a fellowship visit to Brookdale Senior Living Solutions in Castleton. The Junior Daughters were joined by siblings, parents, friends, and members of Holy Family’s Youth group. (To maintain the privacy of residents, only photos of youth are shown.) Holy Family members visited the rooms of residents as well as common areas and handed out flowers to all who wanted them. Special thanks are extended to Brookdale representative Destiny who guided the visitors through the facility. This is a continuing project of Holy Family’s youth that was inspired by an impromptu visit to an assisted living facility during the mission trip of 2017. For more information about Holy Family’s Junior Daughters of the King or Youth Group, please contact the church office. admin@hfec.org

Newsletter: February 8, 2018

Holy Family newsletter: February 8, 2018

Boy Scout Sunday 2018

On Sunday February 4th, The Reverend Larry Walters recognized the boys and men of Holy Family who are active in the Boy Scouts of America.  The Boy Scouts of America designates the Sunday that falls before February 8 (Scouting Anniversary Day) as Scout Sunday, which is the primary date to recognize the contributions of young people and adults to Scouting. 
During the blessing, Father Larry also called forward all people who have participated in scouting or contributed to the advancement of Boy Scouts through volunteering, financial support, and prayers. Nearly every person at the 10 AM service had been impacted by Boy Scouts. Holy Family is the proud charter organization for Troop 199 in Fishers. Questions regarding boy scouting can be directed to Scoutmaster Bryan Spellman via the church office. admin@hfec.org

Newsletter: February 1, 2018

Holy Family newsletter: February 1, 2018