At Holy Family, young people are honored and respected as full participants, often lovingly referred to as the #holyvillage. Children and youth are fully-integrated into worship services, ministries, and outreach work. Youth often lead their parents into the mission field. They understand discipleship as a matter of the heart – listening to God’s call and responding whole-heartedly to care for and listen to the marginalized, the hungry, and the poor. An older youth member serves on the vestry (church board) to represent the needs and concerns of young people. Holy Family purposefully-engages in many intergenerational activities that offer support and energy to all who participate. Please contact the program directors for access to the private children and youth webpage and Facebook group.
Cultivating a safe environment is essential for youth and adult formation and spiritual practice. Holy Family follows the guidelines set forth by the Episcopal Church in the United States of America and the Episcopal Diocese of Indianapolis.
Jolene Johnston, Director of Children’s Ministry
Ruth Everett, Director of Youth Ministry

Sunday School

Children in PreK through 12th grade participate in Sunday school classes on Sundays at 9 AM during the school year. Lessons are prepared by the Children’s Ministry Director and Youth Ministry Director and are taught by caring mentors from the congregation. Occasionally throughout the year, families participate in intergenerational activities such as service projects.
Children and youth programs break for the summer to allow teachers a chance to renew themselves spiritually and spend time with their families.



Babies and toddlers through age three are welcome in Holy Family’s Nursery during the 10 AM worship service. Young children are encouraged to play, share, and sing in a peaceful, loving environment. Please advise the caregivers if your child has any allergies or requires special medical assistance. A sign-in sheet is provided in the event that your assistance is required during these times.
The church nursery is open and available during the 10 AM service for families with infants and children who may need some room to stretch and move. A video feed of the worship service is available in the nursery so that you may still participate while you supervise your children.

Godly Play

Children in preschool, Kindergarten, and first grade participate in the Godly Play class. Many themes will have a Godly Play lesson and a Centers lesson. Creation-300x200Godly Play is a Montessori-style approach to teaching Bible stories. Children receive instruction using wooden and felt figures that represent key people and events in the stories. They are encouraged to ask “wondering questions” about the stories to deepen their understanding of the material. They also participate in individual and group art projects that reflect the themes of the units. Centers lessons will have the same theme as the Godly Play stories. They may include (but are not limited to) activities such as storybooks, books on CD, blocks, music, cooking, puppets, puzzles, crafts, and coloring sheets. Children may choose one activity or several during the Centers lesson.

Disciples (Grades 2-6)

This class uses the Living the Good News, Sharefaith, and Building Faith Brick by Brick programs. Based on readings designated by the Revised Common Lectionary and other core bible stories, students respond by participating in activities such as creating scenes and structures using Legos as well as other traditional activities such as crafts and games. This class also focuses on the order of the seasons in the liturgical year and builds familiarity with full participation in all aspects of the worship service including learning frequently-used prayers and reading music in hymnals. They regularly visit the Pray Space and are invited to add their own prayers of intercession and thanksgiving. Additionally, students are provided with the opportunity to be formed in the Anglican tradition, learning the basics of Episcopalian teachings that prepare Christians for Confirmation when they are eligible. Creating a safe environment for young people to grow in friendship is an important part of this program. 

Youth Group (Grades 7-12) 

The Youth Group ministry seeks to create a space which encourages youth to cultivate personal relationships with God and each other. Sunday School class centers around the lectionary readings for that Sunday and emphasizes critical thinking while in a safe and accepting environment. Other gatherings are more relaxed and include outreach activities, meals, games, music, and small group discussion.

Service Projects and Outreach

Students in all grade levels participate in a variety of outreach projects which vary from year to year. Some recent activities include the Tools 4 School supply drive, Angel Tree, and Youth Group Mission Trip.

Youth Group Mission Trips:
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Social Events

Students in all grade levels participate in age-appropriate social activities throughout the year including movie nights, bowling parties, field trips, and lock-ins.