Music & Meditation is back for its 2nd year with some changes to this exciting program. The gatherings are held on the first Sunday of every month, and each month will have a theme (some themes will span multiple months). Each month, participants will gather and listen to music associated with that theme. Sometimes it will be a full album, and sometimes it will be a more curated list of tracks on the theme. Themes will have a brief essay discussing the theme and the music that is featured. The evening begins at 7 PM – you are encouraged to bring your own comfy chair, blanket, or bean bag. All are welcome! Questions may be directed to Joel Bruns via the church office.
Theme 1: Sampling (Sept/Oct)
Featured Albums:
Blue Lines by Massive Attack
Roseland NYC Live by Portishead
Theme 2: Minimalism (November/December)
Featured Albums:
Glassworks by Philip Glass
Dots & Loops by Stereolab
Theme 3: Gospel – Out of the Church and into the Streets (January)
Featured Albums:
The Time for Peace Is Now – Compilation
Be Altitude: Respect Yourself by The Staples Singers