City of God: Building a Firm Foundation

On Sunday, April 26th our congregation participated in a variety of activities related to our City of God capital campaign. Deacon Cathy met with all students from preschool through high school. The children were asked to use blocks to build a church and were challenged with questions about where people pray, meet, and learn about Jesus.
Blocks 2
The children were asked about ways to reach deeper into the community and surrounding areas to share the story of the Good News with others. They were given brick-themed mite boxes and asked to build onto their church building to create new spaces for feeding ministries, bible studies, retreats, and concerts.
Mite boxes
Children who wanted to take their boxes home were encouraged to do so. Some kids shared ideas for washing cars or dogs, mowing lawns, holding bake sales, or selling unwanted items at garage sales to raise money for our campaign.
Deacon Cathy led the children in singing the refrain of “City of God” and reading aloud the kid-friendly version of our City of God corporate prayer.
Following our church services on Sunday, Deacon Cathy encouraged congregation members to personalize river stones with their family names. The stones will be returned to church during our Celebration Picnic on May 16th to be collected, blessed, and added to the foundation of our new building addition.
Members were invited to take home a card with the City of God corporate prayer as well. More information about our City of God capital campaign can be found by clicking HERE.