Holy Family Responds to COVID-19

Based on updated CDC guidelines, Holy Family now requires masks for everyone during worship and other indoor events, except for those under age 2.  The return to masks is due to an increase in Hamilton County’s risk levels for COVID-19. The CDC recently raised our county’s risk rating to “substantial” level. The Delta Covid variant is becoming widespread, and infections have increased by 63% in the last seven days. Fortunately fully-vaccinated people are at a very low risk of serious COVID illnesses, but Holy Family wants to be considerate of people who cannot be vaccinated due to age or medical conditions. Feel free to contact Fr. Bruce or any other members of the Holy Family Regathering Team if you have any questions. bgray@hfec.org
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The Regathering Team consists of Father Bruce Gray, Dr. Doug Tannas, Ruth Everett, Bob Murray, Lorri Batesky, Jolene Johnston, Bethany Paden, and Ben Paden. Questions about the team or the reopening process may be directed to Father Bruce. bgray@hfec.org
Register for your vaccine HERE or dial 211 for assistance.
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Just because the church building is temporarily closed, it doesn’t mean that Holy Family members can’t BE the church! Tune in to these ways to connect with Holy Family online.
Approved by the Diocese on September 1, 2020
The Episcopal Diocese of Indianapolis
Revised Diocesan Reopening Guidelines, latest version October 2020
The Episcopal Church COVID-19 Page Presiding Bishop Curry has developed online devotional resources, a message regarding the crisis, and discusses how the Church at large is reacting to COVID-19 with the love of Christ.
IndyDio Virtual Abbey on Facebook presents Morning Prayer each morning (except Sunday) at 8 AM and Compline at 8 PM.
Washington National Cathedral offers daily meditations