Einstein’s God: Science, Faith and the Life of Wonder

Einstein's God
Join us in the sanctuary beginning on October 18th for our new 9 AM Adult Forum program: Einstein’s God: Science, Faith and the Life of Wonder. This adult formation resource was created in cooperation with the popular public radio series  “On Being with Krista Tippett ™ ” (formerly known as “Speaking of Faith® with Krista Tippett”).
Explore religion’s place in the hallways of science and how it impacts the mysteries of the universe that surround us all, from the unanswerable questions found in Hinduism to the beauty of complex geological systems and the universal language of mathematics. Challenge your heart and mind. Along the way on the scientific journey, gain fascinating insight into the mind of two of science’s greatest thinkers, Albert Einstein and Charles Darwin.
Session 1: Evolution and Wonder: Understanding Charles Darwin
Session 2: Fragility and the Evolution of Our Humanity
Session 3: The Heart’s Reason: Hinduism and Science
Session 4: Mathematics, Purpose and Truth
Session 5: Einstein’s God