Final Words From the Cross: Adult Forum

Final Words
Join us in the parish hall for 9 AM Adult Forum during Lent to examine Christ’s dying hours and his final words as seen and heard by those who stood near the cross. Adam Hamilton’s study provides insight into the scenes we hear in readings and song, and gives an opportunity for us to reflect on Jesus at the most traumatic time in his life.
February 21: “Father, Forgive Them”
February 28:  “Today You Will Be With Me in Paradise” and “Behold Your Son….Behold Your Mother”
March 6:  “My God, My God, Why Have You Forsaken Me?”
March 13:  “I Thirst”
March 20:  “It is Finished…Into Your Hands I Commit My Spirit”
 March 27: Easter Sunday, no class

April 3: The Words After That