Medical Mutts Presentation

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On Sunday, May 15th Holy Family hosted a special presentation by Medical Mutts Dr. Jennifer Cattet, owner and dog trainer, shared helpful information about patients with “invisible diseases” such as diabetes and seizure disorders which are often aided by the use of service dogs. She and her husband, Jack Topham, shared personal stories about the training techniques used with their dogs as well as the amazing physiology of canines that allow them to serve in such an important life-saving role.
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At Medical Mutts, they are passionate about helping patients with health issues work with a dog to assist them in handling their medical needs. Because trainers at Medical Mutts only work with dogs from shelters, they strive to help good dogs find a new life while providing options for patients in need of an alert to potential emergencies due to diabetes, seizures, PTSD, or other medical needs.
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Medical Mutt Tyson demonstrated service dog skills such as “nose-touching” a person to alert to low blood sugar and also showed how he can carry his own leash, or other items, if necessary. Dr. Cattet shared appropriate service dog etiquette with our congregation members which will be valuable information when one of our parishioners is partnered with a Medical Mutt in the near future. Please CLICK HERE for a PDF version of their service dog etiquette handout. For ways that you can help support Medical Mutts, please contact the church office.
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