Ash Wednesday 2016

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Explanation of Changes in the Church and Liturgy During Lent

Lent changes
There are a number of alterations made both in the decorations of the church as well as in the regular liturgy during Lent. Some of these include:

Liturgical Colors -The altar hangings are purple, a color of Jesus’ royal kingship and of his royal priesthood, as he embraces suffering and finally death on the cross for his people.

Processional Cross -The regular shiny brass processional cross is replaced by a plain, wooden processional cross, reminding us of the sacrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ on a tree. His sacrifice defeats death and makes us whole.

Flowers – There are no flowers on the altar during Lent, reflecting the focus on repentance over celebration.

Penitential Order – There are changes in the liturgy during Lent as well. The service starts with the Penitential Order, which focuses on confessing our sins and receiving forgiveness from the very beginning of our worship.

Music – The music used for the regular parts of the Eucharist changes; it is more in a minor key and in a more transcendent style.

Eucharistic Prayers – During Lent we will use Eucharistic Prayer C which is more penitential and requires greater participation from the congregation.

Post Communion Prayer – At the end, the post-communion prayer is different, demanding our attention to the actual words of what we are praying.

Alleluia – All Alleluias are dropped during Lent, reflecting that Lent is again about penitence over celebration.

Hymns – The hymns during Lent are different in character, with words that draw us to the holiness of God and our need for God’s forgiveness and grace.

All of these changes to the liturgy during Lent are designed to get our attention and force us to engage the experience in a more present way. Hopefully our Lenten Services will help to take each of us out of our comfort zone and truly reflect on our lives and relationship with Christ.

Many Blessings My Friends,

Fr. Mike

Shrove Tuesday 2016

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Burning Palms
Ashes liturgyShrove Tuesday at Holy Family was particularly exciting this year as we celebrated the first large-scale use of our new parish hall. We held a liturgy to burn palms from 2015, the ashes from which will be used in our services tomorrow on Ash Wednesday.
We “buried the Alleluia” and put away our gold and white banner until Easter Vigil.
Finally, we enjoyed pancakes with all the extras in our annual Pancake Supper youth group fundraiser. Special thanks are extended to all those who cooked and served food at tonight’s event.
Dinner 2
Dinner 1

New Jr. Daughters of the King

Feb 2016
On February 7th, Holy Family installed its newest members to our chapter of Junior Daughters of the King. Pictured from left to right are The Reverend Michael Galvin, Kristine Canter (Co-Director), Katlyn Stahly, Zoe Bruns, Ruth Everett (Co-Director); front row: Maci Blake, Sophia Paden.

Final Words From the Cross: Adult Forum

Final Words
Join us in the parish hall for 9 AM Adult Forum during Lent to examine Christ’s dying hours and his final words as seen and heard by those who stood near the cross. Adam Hamilton’s study provides insight into the scenes we hear in readings and song, and gives an opportunity for us to reflect on Jesus at the most traumatic time in his life.
February 21: “Father, Forgive Them”
February 28:  “Today You Will Be With Me in Paradise” and “Behold Your Son….Behold Your Mother”
March 6:  “My God, My God, Why Have You Forsaken Me?”
March 13:  “I Thirst”
March 20:  “It is Finished…Into Your Hands I Commit My Spirit”
 March 27: Easter Sunday, no class

April 3: The Words After That

Ash Wednesday Invitation

Join Us on Ash Wednesday